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Passing. The Comic. For Real This Time.

Oh hay. Look. It's "Passing," by Yesha Callahan, Danielle Belton and Jada Prather. Enjoy!

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Coming Soon: "Passing" & Proof I'm Not Dead

Stars of "Passing the Comic": Kelly Robinson and Deidre Daniels (Art by Jada Prather)

Don't call it a comeback! Or maybe it is. I haven't updated this site since November. How have you been? How's your mother?

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Happy Valentines Day!

Video clip from

Originally I planned to run a few reader-generated stories in the lead up to Valentines Day from my Doomed Romance series, but my life took a random turn for the insane around November and hasn't really let up since. But it's a GOOD insane. The kind that came with TV appearances and gainful employment and a book agent, so ... no worries! But as a result the site's story cupboard has been barren and not updated and for this -- I apologize. Due to the new job and my friend Yesha Callahan's suddenly Googleable life, I ended up spending the end of last week in front of TV cameras, filming spots for Good Morning America, the Today Show and The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell. I also did a lot of interviews for print and radio. So many, I can't really remember them all. 

But if you missed my MSNBC shot, you can see ...

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