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Clutch Magazine: Black & White Gender Traps In Rap Fandom

In my latest post for Clutch Magazine Online, I take on a recent article on Vice Magazine's site about men being "initimidated" by girls who like rap. At first I didn't get what the article is referring to, until I realized it was about white men trying to dismiss white women who like rap because white ladies can't possibly know what Chief Keef is talking about, but somehow they do and they need to protect the integrity of 2Chainz from white women and their cooties. Which is a whole other ball of "Wait? What? Why?"

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Black Students Targeted For Suspensions More Often Than Whites

Photo via US Dept. of EducationIn today's latest depressing, but not surprising news, The Root is reporting on a new study that reveals that black students are routinely given suspensions and harsher punishments than white students for similar offenses. The National Education Policy Center study found that school suspensions for non-white students have gone up by 100 percent since 1970. As a product of integrated, suburban schools in St. Louis County, I'd have to say, "No joke."

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Fame Is Realtive: Serena Williams/Andy Roddick Edition

Image from (cough!) MediaTakeOut

"Some guy?" Wait? What?

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