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The Root: My Love/Hate Relationship With Terrence Howard

For The Root Tuesday I touched on my history of loving, then hating actor Terrence Howard. While I've always enjoyed Howard as an actor, with all his woman-hating comments and accusations of domestic violence, it's gotten harder and harder to separate the man from the performance. I saw him in "The Best Man Holiday" last weekend and was reminded of how much I originally loved him and of how he's become a running, misogynist gag. Check out the story here.


Check Out the New "Root" & My Interview with "Ask A Slave's" Azie Dungey

The Root web site relaunched today with an awesome new redesign. All the better to showcase this recent interview I did with Maryland-native Azie Marie Dungey, the star behind YouTube's "Ask A Slave" videos. Check out the story here.