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The Snob Talks Latina Vote, Talkin' to Teens 'Bout Sex & Magic Mike on NPR

The cast of "Magic Penis" ... I mean, "Mike." Yeah ... Mike.The Snob returned to NPR's Tell Me More program Wednesday to talk about possible White House "pandering" to the Latina mommy vote. (Are Latinas the new Soccer Moms, aka Futubol Mommies?) As part of the Beauty Shop segment with guest host Maria Hinosoja, we also discussed Kris Jenner recently admitting that when her famous daughter Kim Kardashian was a teen she put her on birth control and briefly discussed all the hype surrounding the bro-tastic, but "ribbed for her pleasure" hit stripper melodrama "Magic Mike."

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No Apologies: On The Killing of Trayvon Martin And Being "Good"

In the tragic murder of Trayvon Martin, there's no safe place. There's no real excuse to cling to. None of the usual dismissals work or fit. It's just bad. Real bad. And sits there and stares at you with it's cruelty and unfairness and ugliness and says, "Take this."

Take this load. And pick it up.

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The Case of The Missing Teen Mistakenly Deported to Colombia Makes My Head Hurt

A grandmother searching for her missing, runaway teenage granddaughter found the kid in Bogata, Colombia, where our immigration enforcement agency had deported her. Only the kid isn't Colombian, doesn't speak Spanish and had never been to the country before.

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