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Black Enterprise: Baratunde on Baratunde By The Snob

Last week for Black Enterprise Magazine Online I interviewed comedian, Jack & Jill Politics blogger and The Onion's Digital Director Baratunde Thurston about his love for technology and BLACKNESS. Yes, blackness. As in, his new book "How to Be Black." We also talked, at lenght, about how more black people need to become entrepernueral in the online space, rather than simply users of it. 

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Poor Black Kids Need To Learn To Read, Use Diigo Sez White Dude In Forbes

Hey! It's one of those articles someone writes to get attention! Tech business writer Gene Marks wrote for Forbes about what he would do if he were a poor black kid to survive. The advice can be easily summed up as -- be good in school even if your school is a nightmare; use the Internet even if you can't afford a computer and don't live near a library where you can get free access to one; Skype -- I guess if that hobo gets off that library computer you took the cross town bus to get to doesn't hog it forever; get on that hot new Diigo thing and the Cliff Notes; and become a Google Scholar. Quite a bit of the advice is hinging on Internet access which ... ahem ... is still a bit out of reach if you're using your money for things like "not starving" and "electricity."

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Founder of Apple Steve Jobs Dies at 56

Last night Apple announced that its founder and chief innovator, Steve Jobs died on Wednesday at the age of 56. Jobs, a college dropout, created Apple in his parents' garage with his friend, Steve Wozniack in 1976, after becoming insanely wealthy through a series of herald successes, Jobs actually was forced out of Apple in 1985, only to return in 1996 and herald a new era of the iMac, iPod, iTunes and iPhone technology. While I've never been a hardcore PC vs. Mac person (I've interchangeably used both computers since I was about 14), I was touched by his passing.

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