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Colbert Super PAC Labels Romney: "Mitt the Ripper" (Video)

What I love about this is that if I didn't know this was an elaborate stunt to point out how ridiculous our campaign financing laws are put together by comedians Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart there's a good chance I'd think this was a for-really real ad. It's no less hysterical that what's passing for attacks these days. Dare I say it -- this satire is almost too good. (YouTube)


Don Lemon Barely Able to Hide Contempt For Fluff

On The Daily Show Tuesday, Jon Stewart ran a segment featuring on of my favorite news people, Don Lemon, barely being able to hide his disinterest in the special brand of news fluffernutter (Now with MORE fluff than nutter!) that CNN churns out when there isn't enough serious news to spread around. It can get stupid ... real stupid. In our present "Age of Cynicism" the Powers-That-Be don't think an American audience has the patience to sit through a solid block of just pure, unfiltered real news.

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"We Live Now In Hard Times, Not End Times."

Photo via USA TodayI spent the Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear from my computer as I, with my Seasonal Affective Disorder and general crankiness, could not handle a crowd Saturday. And according to all estimates, it was quite a crowd down at the Mall in Washington, D.C. Estimates say that more than 215,000 people showed up at the two political satirists' gathering, which featured The Roots, Mavis Staples, Sam Waterston reading poetry, Stephen Colbert in fancy outfits and an earnest closing speech by Stewart, addressing the disconnect between reality and the crush of anger and confusion that populates the 24-hour-news cycle.

Watch Stewart's speech after the jump.

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