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Clutch Magazine: Condi Rice Glosses Over Important Part When She Talks Civil Rights

Former Secretary of State Condozeela Rice addressed the Republican National Convention Wednesday night in a speech that touched on everything from her foreign policy strengths (or weakness depending on who you ask), to social issues. But one of the issues she skiddladdled right by was the Civil Rights movement. Wanting to keep things in that "feel good" mode she spoke as if that leap from segregation to her becoming secretary of state was a glorious lap Americans ran together, rather than a knock down, drag out grudge match that people are still wielding cudgels about today. Never mind the fact that it took sending the National Guard to many states just to enforce the rule of law.

Jim Crow didn't die so much as he was a suicide bomber who tried to take as many folks with him before he finally blew up Alabama, and the scaring was so deep we're still dealing with the consequences today. To paraphrase the film "Magnolia," Rice may be through with the past, but the past isn't through with us.

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The Man of "Steele" Returns: "Iron" Mike Goes to MSNBC*

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele is headed to become the conservative Alan Colmes of MSNBC. Or not. Or ... well, I really don't know what he'll be doing since the only MSNBC "performances" of his I can recall involved Chris Matthews cutting him off multiple times (as The Matthews is wont to do). Maybe he'll get to be as popular as ol' This Morning Joe is Brought to You By Starbucks, John Scarborough. But, blessed be, John Scarborough -- despite the fact that I find him somewhat annoying -- is actually an interesting show host. Heck, a lot of the MSNBC opinionators are somewhat interesting. Which is usually the hallmark of someone who shouts opinions on TV for a living. You gotta bring that razzle dazzle. Does Steele (currently a contribuiting editor for The Root) have WHAT IT TAKES?

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Obama's First 2012 Ad Is About the Grassroots Getting Back to Work

In "It Starts With Us," President Obama kicks off his 2012 campaign not with himself, but with the volunteers who will work to get him elected. It's a low-key ad, focusing on the individuals who make up the President's base (women, minorities, white men who don't always agree with him but "trust" him, and so forth), and less our charismatic, but professorial-at-times President. I thought it was a pretty good way to tap into the goody-good, teamwork feeling of 2008, while placing it in the context of 2011 and how he's a sitting President, not the ingénue anymore. It's also a great contrast to the Republican's April Fool's Day Obama 2012 ad, that featured the Great Hopemonger on a Pegasus, surfing a rainbow. I'm sure Hillary Clinton is pleased to know that her old attack strategy (aka the Obama is a rainbow pipe dream made of sugar plum fairies strategy) from the 2008 primary still has some legs in the RNC.

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