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Clutch Magazine: Just You and Your Cats, Together Forever

Tuesday for Clutch Magazine I wrote the ultimate guide for staying single so it's just you and your cats until you shuffle off the mortal coil. Mostly it was about not bathing, being a jerk and generally removing yourself from the dating game altogether. Here's a taste: "I find that nothing gets people to ignore the crap out of you like not bathing for several days. It works for the homeless. Look at how people just step over them in the street. It’s that powerful. Also, let yourself go. You don't want to 'accidentally' attract someone by still 'being cute.'" 

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Clutch Magazine: The Female Friendzone

Last week I wrote a post on women who get stuck on guys who don't want them. And I mean really don't want them. Some people call this getting stuck in the "friendzone." I call it "auditioning" to be someone's girlfriend when they could care less. Here's a snippet: "I learned the hard way if a boy (or by extension, a man) wants to be with you, he’ll act like he wants to be with you. It was a hard lesson to learn, but I can’t say that every person learns it."

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"Save Your Life? I Think I'll Pass" And Other Observations

From the film "Mo' Betta Blues"

A male friend of mine once told me that he had this fantasy -- a romantic fantasy -- of at some point in his life pulling a Denzel Washington out of the 1990 Spike Lee film Mo' Betta Blues where he falls on his knees and begs a woman to save his life by loving him despite his flaws.

While I'm more than familiar with the movie and this particular scene between Washington and actress Joie Lee, I never saw the scene as romantic because A) he only turned to her after everyone else had abandoned him and (1990 spoiler alert) B) his lip was busted so he couldn't play the horn anymore. So basically he was like "Now that I'm all washed up and a has been, let's be together."

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