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Clutch Magazine: Shade and Married to Medicine

In my latest post for Clutch Magazine Online I tackle how on the hit Bravo show Married to Medicine two of the personalities -- Quad and Mariah -- are extremely fond of black gay slang. Really fond. To the point of absurdity where they sound more like the old Looney Tunes "Goofy Gophers" than real people. In a lengthy post I talk about the history of cross-pollination between black gay culture and black lady culture and how both sides do so much dipping and stealing and modifying it's at times hard to tell who came up with what? A drag queen or your drunk grandmother? But in the end, this is all about being "extra," and standing out. Some walk across the street. Other work it like a runway. This post is about those people.

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Clutch Magazine: Reality Shows Are the New Soap Operas

For Clutch Magazine on Tuesday I penned a piece on the new season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and how terrible/good it is, in the sense it is a trashy dime store romance, masqurading as "All My Non-Rappers" in a nice casserole made with nothing but Velveeta, it's so cheesy. Here's a snippet after the jump.

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Clutch Magazine: On Reality TV Bipolar Shouldn't Be Another Word for Crazy

On reality TV the ladies have gone from calling each other "crazy" to saying "bipolar" and ... um ... so not cool. I write about this Thursday for Clutch Magazine Online. Here's a snippet: "The extreme behaviors of reality show participants (and the personality types these show attract) often have little to do with mental illness, yet cast members are quick to turn into amateur psychiatrists and diagnose their 'out-of-control' peers, often ignoring the fact that the very nature of a reality show is to push people into emotionally intense situations to get the most extreme responses possible out of them."

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