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Obama Wants You To Be A Thankless Teacher

During President Obama's State of the Union address last night he spent a good chunk of it talking the good talk about education. He praised his bipartisan education program, Race to the Top, which, for me, only holds the distinction of "Well, it's not No Child Left Behind, so that's something." But the headliner was when Obama called on for young folks to mobilize, get educated and go out and educate others. Which sounds nice ... in theory. But as my mother, some good friends of mine and many others can attest -- when it comes to respect, teachers are just one step below the grandmother you never remember to call and just one step above the homeless guy who asks you everyday for an exact $1.35 in change.

Translation: Nobody curr 'bout, teechurs.

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Rick Sanchez Gets Fired Over Most Epic "Jews Sux" Stupidity Ever (Rants)

Hey, Daddy! (That's what I call my father, aka "Papa Snob" in real life. Daddy. This post is for him.) Daddy! Quick! Turn on the TV! THEY FIRED RICK SANCHEZ!!! YOU CAN WATCH CNN AGAIN! It's safe!

True story: My Daddy hates Rick Sanchez.

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The One Where I Complain About Taylor Swift Still Milking This "Kanye Word Molested Me" Thing (Rants)

Image via Raw DriveI get it. The MTV Awards are about over-the-top pageantry and ridiculousness, opulence and excess like a Bacchanalia to low culture. It's always been that. Hooray for them. Yippie. But, I'm just going to say it, Kanye West interrupting middling pop country singer Taylor Swift was the best thing that ever happened to this chronically out-of-tune, Knock-Off Nashville Barbie/perpetual teenager in love with boy's with pretty eyes.

OMG. That heifer is boring. Which, for me, is the ultimate and worst of the entertainment-based sins.

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