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Why Didn't Y'all Tell Me: Drake Edition

Why did y'all tell Me is a story where I observe something that everyone else already observed and figured out two years ago, but I wasn't paying attention. The first entry is about rapper/singer Drake of whom I was paying no attention to until about July of 2012.

True confession: I listen to Drake.

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Lean In. Lean Out. Stand. Sit. Run. Rest. (Guest Post)

By Lynne Adrine

Girlfriends.  All friends. Help a sister out. My rant for today.

I have been reading, with rising levels of discomfort, all the recent entries into the feminist/corporate/capitalist/lean-in/get married/mommy wars. And I think the overall discussion misses the larger point.

Could it be that perhaps we don’t need to be spending energy on how women can better fit and triumph in 2013 corporate America? Maybe our time would be better spent on changing the rigidity of corporate structure so that more people – male and female – could fit in and find a way to their best efforts without leaving their personal lives strewn on the floor like so much debris? 

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Nobody Is Over Anything Ever: Rielle Hunter, Joe Williams Edition

Going all "Kill Bill" on everyone when in crisis might seem like a good idea at the time, but rarely does such a defense work out in the world of media."I'm over it," is supposed to end a conversation. It sounds definitive, after all. Something you did or was done to you caused the kind of ire that makes you forget the universe is largely indifferent to our squabbles and everything is going to look a lot dimmer in the rear view mirror of time. You announce all mature and adult-like in the way you think movie stars and sociopaths do that you are "over it." That "it" whatever "it" is done and no longer part of your life and you no longer drive past "it's" house on Thursday evenings just to see if "it's" home. Because it's dead, done and buried, and it won't trouble you anymore. Which, OK, I suppose maybe for about (I'll be generous) 20 percent of the population this is true.

But it's not that simple. It's never that simple. For the rest of us, nobody is over anything. Ever.

Case in point: John Edwards' delusional former mistress and mother of his youngest child, Rielle Hunter and recently ousted White House correspondent for Politico, Joe Williams.

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