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RHOA's Porsha Stewart Is Perfect and I Love Her (But Let Me Explain)

Porsha Stewart reacts to gifts at her fairy tale wedding.Normally, I don't have much in ways of interest for Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta. It's a silly, fun show full of cringe-inducing people and a few glamour-pusses flouncing around and twirling. But this season has piqued my interest, but for one reason and one reason alone -- granddaughter of a civil rights activist and wife of former pro-football star Kordell Stewart -- loveable ditz Porsha Stewart.

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A Short Compilation of Appropriation: Harlem Shake Included

Do the Harlem Shake has finally gotten to black people who now also "do the Harlem Shake" by not actually doing the damn "Harlem Shake" at all.Paul Mooney famously once said, "Everybody wants be a nigga but nobody wants to be a nigga," which is about the most true statement in the history of African American culture. People LOVE black culture, but hate the folks who make it. If only there was a way to enjoy all this good black stuff without the pesky black people. And hence, appropriation was born. But it's not always Pat Boone taking the funk out of Motown or Elvis making "hip thrusts" white people friendly. Today, appropriation is more of a comedy art form practiced by hip hop loving white people who want the thrill of saying the "N-word" but not that pesky backlash afterwards. 

Here is a brief compliation of white appropriations in black culture (particularly hip hop and "ratchetness"), and what these appropriations mean.

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Clutch Magazine: Choosing Safety Over Independence For Black Children

In my latest post for Clutch Magazine Online, I write at length about the efforts black parents go through to keep their children safe, even at the expense of their child developing better skills to be independent. While it may be easy to throw out advice and parenting rules and bring up all sorts of psychology studies to black parents, most are solely concerned with making sure their son or daughter doesn't become a statistic, freedom be damned.

Here's a snippet after the jump.

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