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The Root: Obama Speech Stands in MLK's Shadow

In my latest post for The Root this Tuesday I write about President Obama's upcoming speech at the anniversary of the March on Washington and how President Obama has had to deal with the pressure of those who compare him to Martin Luther King Jr. when they couldn't be more different. One man was an activist. The other is a sitting U.S. president. Yet, the comparison for some remains.

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Kathleen Parker Misses the Point on President's Comments About Race

I read Kathleen Parker, and I don't typically agree with the conservative columnist but usually I find her articles well-written and measured. But her most recent column, where she all but calls President Obama a race-baiter for saying if he had a son he'd look like slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin was, by far, the most offensive and misguided column I'd read about race relations in America by a mainstream columnist in years. Dripping with obtuseness, Parker alludes that racial profiling is all about just not dressing appropriately and that there would "riots" if white teens killed a black man akin to the Chris Lane murder (in which one of the killers actually was a white teen). 

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The Root: Some of My Best Friends Are White

For The Root Monday, after finding out 40 percent of white people don't have any non-white friends I decided to take a trip down memory lane of my past life as a token and going through the drama of bridging the racial divide.

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