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Don Lemon Sez Bill O'Reilly Is Right, Pull Up Yer Pants Already

Mmmm. Controversy.

Recently FOX News host Bill O'Reilly decided to tell "The Blacks" (a very nice but troubled family that live up in Rutherford ... oh, he meant all black people? Nevermind ...) what was wrong with them and their communities. And since every black person's most favorite thing to hear is a white man telling them what's wrong with them and how to fix it, the response was overwhelmingly "eff this guy." Then, for whatever reason, perhaps he just felt like trolling people in real life, CNN anchor Don Lemon grabbed the mic, channeled his inner Bill Cosby and said Bill O'Reilly was right and didn't go far enough and he too had some tips for how black people could save themselves.

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Clutch Magazine: Poor Women Find Diminishing Reproductive Choices

Image by the Guttmacher InstituteIn a recent post for Clutch Magazine Online, I tackled the plight of poor women who deal with tougher choices when it comes to sex, children, family planning and birth control than their better off, insurance having counterparts. The reality -- that no one likes to talk about when they're passing judgment -- is that half of all U.S. women, regardless of race or class status, before turning 45 will have at least one an unplanned pregnancy. The main difference between the sexual habits of the poor and the not-so-poor isif you're better off financially, have insurance or live in an area with better access to health care services your reproductive choices stay between you and a doctor and can be dealt with quickly.

Poor women, don't have the same options, so they're becoming the "face" of abortion due to being underserved by family planning programs. 

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Jon Huntsman Picks Up Toys, Goes Home; Romney Hands Out Cash

Jon Hunstman, the Republican president candidate who could never shake that "Obama hired me to be Ambassador to China," moderate conservative stink off himself, dropped out of the GOP race today. Huntsman, naturally, endorsed the man who he most resembled without all the complications of being a horrible phony -- Mittens Romney.

Mittens, known for his robotic qualities and pathological inconsistencies was somewhere in South Carolina giving a poor black woman $60 in cash. It was a perfect storm of annoyances -- from the optics of a black person getting an actual "hand-out," to reinforcing the ideology that occasional donations from Daddy Warbucks should take care of our poor and not a strong social safety net built on our tax dollars, to reinforcing the belief that all poor, begging people are black people.

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