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Standing at the Mountaintop, Talking About Hair Bangs

Photo via The White House

The romance is over and has settled into quite a marriage. It's not perfect, but this thing between "us" ("us" being most black people, various minority groups, the LGBT community, certain women folks, pragmatic progressives, MSNBC viewers, Democratic voters, young people and folks who are really invested in Michelle Obama's hair choices) and President Obama is "real." This is it. So let's just enjoy this moment before the hangover and the GOP crashes the party and we're all back to arguing about what is obvious and stupid. Let's look back at our works and marvel and wonder and hope and be optimistic, but know what we're getting into this time around.


The Snob Talks Presidential Appointments and Reality TV on NPR

This week The Snob returned to the Beauty Shop at NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin. It was my first time back since running away to New York City this fall. I'd missed being on the show ... a lot. I love Michel and the whole Tell Me More family, so it was great to be back. On Wednesday's show, we talked the drama surrounding President Obama picking Chuck Hagel for Secretary of State and the "drama" surrounding rapper Shawty Lo and his new show on Oxygen, All My Babies Mamas where -- FINALLY -- you can witness the fall of Western Civilization in real time.

Seriously, China. It's your turn at bat. Like Daniel Day-Lewis at the end of "There Will Be Blood," we're all finished here. Nothing left to see. Idiocracy is real and whatnot.

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Clutch Magazine: Let's Get This Over With, Re-Elect Obama 2012

When I'm not working on a TV show, I'm still writing columns for Clutch and I'm beat, man. Straight up just beat ... down over election 2012. I'm ready to get this over with, aren't you? I wrote: "President Obama is flawed. He’s not your personal savior or unicorn. If anything, I think he actually has a lot more in common with his more starry-eyed supporters in 2008 because he really did think he could just show up in Washington talking all measured, positive and rational and change the game. But politics is a disease that has no desire of being cured. This is why a true, feral political animal like Bill Clinton thrived so well in that putrid swamp of double-speak and lies. President Obama doesn’t really want that stink on him, but hey, buddy, are we going to do this or what?"

So go vote. Vote. Please. Just do it, OK? I'm begging you. Sweet Lord. Take some personal agency this election season. If only so you can put up your "Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Kodos" sticker. Some bet on the numbers, bet on dice, bet on NFL football, bet on craps, bet on Vegas -- I'm betting on my vote counting. I hope you're betting on yours.

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