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"White People Are Back!" And Other Moments From Hardcore Paul Ryan Rap (Video)

He's like Ron Paul meets Ryan Seacrest, but with a lot more "m-fers." Yet, even in all this Beastie Boys-esque Ryan P90Sex braggadocio, my favorite part is the cluelessness of fake Mitt Romney who kind of plops around like the floppy android he is. Second best line (after "White people are back") is "Screw the sick and the poor like Jesus said ... if he had lived to read 'The Fountainhead.'"

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The Snob Talks Todd Akin's "Legitimate Rape," Paul Ryan's Black Woman of Ex-Girlfriends Past on NPR

Click to enlarge.This Wednesday The Snob made a return to NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin for the Beauty Shop segment. Michel was out, leaving it up to the Wise Latinas Club's Viviana Hurtado to do the heavy host lifting. Topics du jour included Missouri's Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin channelling Effie White from "Dreamgirls," telling the GOP he's not going from the Senate race and YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE ME in the face of overwhelming pressure to drop out; Romney veep pick Paul Ryan's black ex-girlfriend and whether or not she matters (Short version: She doesn't.); and Augusta National allowing female members to their golf club the same year Saudi Arabia finally sent female athletes to the Olympics. Joining me for the chat are Beauty Shop regulars Mary Kate Cary and Bridget Johnson.  

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P90seX: How A Capitol Hill Fitness Craze Helped Your Congressman Get Laid

One dude is the founder of P90X, the other is Rep. Paul Ryan, who helped is fellow Congress Critters get buff using the program (and inadvertently, helped a few of them get dates).One of the talking points meant to “humanize” newly appointed veep candidate and Mitt Romney second banana Paul Ryan is that he got a six pack blowing $120 bucks and countless hours going hard thanks to the popular exercise DVD series P90X.

In my brief time in D.C., particularly around 2011 after the GOP took the House, I started hearing quite a bit about Congress Critters and their ilk going hard using P90X. Soon a rash of nerdy, GOP (and some Dem) Butterfaces with washboard abs started humping about the Capitol, getting too flirtatiously aggressive while I was politely trying to get drunk on the rooftop of the W Hotel.

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