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Meanwhile, In A Macon, Ga. Underground Bunker ...

Macon, Ga. secret home of underground organization "The Secret Council of American Negroes." (Photo via Wikipedia)

SETTING: The underground office of the mysterious HNIC, the enigmatic leader of legendary, underground pro-black organization, The Secret Council of American Negroes, aka "SCAN." Founded by Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman in 1865, SCAN is a secret organization that is actually behind ever black advancement in the history of America. Voting Rights Act of 1964? That was SCAN. Michael Jackson? SCAN engineered him in their research labs. Black man in space? SCAN. Oprah? SCAN. The Jolie-Pitts moving to New Orleans to build houses after Katrina? We got a kid on that. Operation Real David Palmer, aka "The Election of Barack Obama." Who do you think? Halle Berry's Oscar for "Monster's Ball." C'mon. She's not that good. SCAN, baby. SCAN. We're everywhere. We're the organization your white friends keep asking about. We set the standard. Expect us, baby. EXPECT US. 

Right after we wake up from this nap ...

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"White People Are Back!" And Other Moments From Hardcore Paul Ryan Rap (Video)

He's like Ron Paul meets Ryan Seacrest, but with a lot more "m-fers." Yet, even in all this Beastie Boys-esque Ryan P90Sex braggadocio, my favorite part is the cluelessness of fake Mitt Romney who kind of plops around like the floppy android he is. Second best line (after "White people are back") is "Screw the sick and the poor like Jesus said ... if he had lived to read 'The Fountainhead.'"

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Video: Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up?

Greatest political video rap mash-up ever. Flawless. I'm off now to find out if creator Hugh Atkin is going to release this on mp3.

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