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The Snob Talks Devious Maids, Paula Deen on NPR

Wednesday, The Snob made a return to the Beauty Shop on NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin. We talked the new Eva Longoria produced show, Lifetime's Devious Maids, and whether or not it was more like "Devious Stereotypes." We discussed the recent Supreme Court rulings and the whole Paula Deen debacle. I was joined in the beauty shop with fellow regulars Viviana Hurtado, blogger-in-chief of the website The Wise Latina Club; Jane Delgado, president and CEO of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health and Bridget Johnson, editor for PJ Media.

Check out the audio after the jump.

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Clutch Magazine: Single Black Male Seeking Long-Term Commitment, Won't You Help A Brother Out?

In my Thursday post for Clutch Magazine Online I wrote about a recent NPR poll that found more black men wanted commitment than black women. Well, knock me off a chair with a feather! So I had a little fun with the findings, celebrating an end to "desperate" single black women articles and a new era of "can't get a woman" single black man articles. Yes! YES! Bring on stories about dudes dying alone with their cats!

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The Snob Talks NPR's "African American Lives Today" Survey

Tuesday The Snob returned to Tell Me More with Michel Martin to talk about NPR and Harvard University's poll of African American views on racism, finances, relationships, their communities and healthcare. For the discussion I was joined by author Gil Robertson, regular "Tell Me More" parenting contributor Dani Tucker, and Howard University Professor Ivory Toldson. The poll had results both surprising (more black men are looking for a committed relationship than black women), and unsurprising (black people overwhelmingly value education).

Check it out.

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