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Clutch Magazine: When Love Is Confused With Violence

Last week for Clutch Magazine (while I was adjusting to living in the Big Bad City of NYC), I penned another story on Evelyn Lozada and her newly estranged, soon to be divorced hubby, Chad Johnson. Recently Johnson decided to deal with his break up by getting a tattoo of his future ex-wife's face on his leg. To put it mildly, this sounds incredibly ill-advised. For this post I touched on the romanticising of violence and pain out of love, when it's the one you love doling out that violence and pain.

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Tucker Carlson Gets Hyperbolic Over Michael Vick

From MediaiteLast time I checked (and hey, I could be wrong), professional bowtie wearer Tucker Carlson wasn't a member of PETA who was against all forms of animal mistreatment and believer in the animal rights math of rat = chicken = dog = person, but apparently he thinks pro-footballer Michael Vick should have been executed for his role in a dogfighting ring he ran. But since we don't do capital punishment for people who torture and kill animals (just people who torture and kill people), he did 19 months in prison instead. For some reason, serving time in prison isn't enough of a punishment for crime for Carlson. Apparently prison is supposed to be a permanent scar, not about punishment or reform, but about marking a person to walk the world as one of the damned in a separate caste system.

Someone alert Martha Stewart to give back that TV show! She's an ex-con!

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Larry Johnson, Lover of British Slang (Guest Post)

Guest blogger Jonathan Pitts-Wiley has a theory about NFL footballer Larry Johnson and his recent use of the other F-bomb on Twitter -- he's a man of letters and means! Why, don't you know that sometimes a "fag" isn't a fag but something a tad more European? It's all just a big, fat misunderstanding! Pitts-Wiley of the blog Pitts Indeed hilariously explains.

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