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Music Monday: Goodbye, Whitney Houston 

One of the greatest vocalists in history, once with a clarity unparalleled (and it still is if you're honest, she didn't even need to do runs or melisma. She just sang the song and it sounded other-worldly), Whitney Houston, died over the weekend. After the death of Don Cornelious and Etta James dying earlier in January, Houston dying officially made this (for me) the most depressing Black History Month ever. Feel free to celebrate you favorite memories and moments featuring Houston in the comments. Mine was that as a kid, I loved her so much, I actually performed "The Greatest Love of All" at a school pageant. (Video: Houston singing "Home" from "The Wiz" in her national TV debut in 1985. Hat tip: Jezebel)


Music Monday: M.I.A.'s "Bad Girls"

M.I.A. is my favorite radically hardcore, international hipster masquerading as a ruthless Southeast Asian revolutionary married formerly engaged to a billionaire heir trust fund baby rapper ever. EVER. And her filing her nails while riding on a car tilted on two wheels is by far the most bad assed looking thing I've seen done involving dangerous car stunts in some time. 

The song ain't too bad either.

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Music Monday: Nepotism Can Sometimes Get You A Banging Track ... At Nine

Willow Smith, 9. Has banging track. You don't. Discuss.So, little nine-year-old Willow Smith (daughter of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith) has an over-produced, catchy, super-slick, Rihanna-esque club banger single out. Do you hate yourself yet? DO YOU?!

WARNING: Listen to "Whip My Hair" at your own devastation. This track will be all kinds of Langston Hughes on your ass. A soundtrack to your dreams deferred, drying up like raisins in the sun, crusting over like syrupy sweets, rotting like stinking meat, sagging like heavy loads, then exploding rhythmically to something that sounds like an old Swizz Beatz track from 1999.

You half expect DMX to pop up and scream "RUFF RIDERS!" for old times sake.

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