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Video: Missouri Crowd Cheers Over Obama Rodeo Clown Stunt

Because my home state only likes to be in the news when it's bad news (like another flood, tornado, John Aschroft singing, segregation and inner city violence), someone had the bright idea to have a rodeo clown wear a President Barack Obama mask for a state fair Sunday, then ask the crowd if they'd like to see the 44th president run down by a bull.

Since this is Missouri, and rural Republican country Missouri at that, the crowd was all "Hells jeah."

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The Midterms Matter, But Will People Vote In Them?

DNC Chairman Tim Kaine meets with black bloggers. (Photo courtesy the DNC)If you're an American and a registered voter you're probably not paying a lick of attention to the mid-term elections. Not voting is soooo American. Oh, if you read this blog, you probably care. Or if you're my parents, the kind of folks who vote rain or shine because someone died so they could do so, care. But then, my parents are hardcore, 60 Minutes watching, Meet the Press watching, Chris Matthews mocking, Maddow/Olbermann/Stewart Democratic voters in a swing state. As far as they're concerned, every election is an important election. But the attitude that many have towards mid-terms are not the same.

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Powell endorsing Obama = Something Unexpected from McCain

In one weekend, Barack Obama received crowds of 100,000 and 75, 000 respectively in Missouri, his campaign announced raising more than $150 million in September, he's up in Virginia and North Carolina and Gen. Colin Powell endorsed him Meet the Press.

This is a lot, A LOT, of good news going into Monday and if we've learned anything from the last few go 'rounds the McCain Campaign cannot allow all this to become the news story du jour. None of this is helpful to the Republican candidate. This is so much "rah rah rah Obama" news that it will completely block out Gov. Sarah Palin's tethered performance on Saturday Night Live.

I don't think the appearance hurt her in any capacity, but it further solidified the point that she's limited in her scope. The best bit was in seeing her sway side-to-side while Amy Poehler performed a hip hop number in her honor.

But seeing her and Tina Fey quickly cross each paths like a pair of voodoo black cats isn't enough to silence Powell's statements that the narrowing scope of the campaign and McCain's judgment in selecting Palin as veep sent him running to Team Obama.

So what stunt will be pulled Monday? Where will the juggling bears and the dancing girls come from this time? Just how many trick ponies does John McCain own? I prepared for the Republicans to do their best to explain why Colin Powell is no longer relevant. That pretty much started the minute the interview was over with.

On Face the Nation, Missouri Gov. Matt "Little Boy" Blunt told Bob Schieffer the endorsement didn't matter, then dug into the crates with the "Obama = celebrity" meme when explaining how The Great Hopemongerer pulled 175,000 folks in Missouri rallies. Did I mention Matt Blunt is a highly unpopular governor who chose not to run for re-election rather than face certain doom to the Democrats this year? He took one for the team and got out of the Missouri Republican Party's way so they could at least have a shot at the retaining Jefferson City.

Blunt had his talking points. Endorsements don't matter. Even when they're from the guy behind the "Powell Doctrine," who is generally liked by both parties, is an iconic military figure and has played ball with the Republicans for the last few decades.

And Powell and John McCain are "friends."

But saying that alone isn't going to make it go away. It'll take something crazy and unexpected. Perhaps something clever involving Donald Trump and Heidi Montag, or Sarah Palin suspending her campaign to go hunt Osama bin Laden. Or McCain naming Joe Lieberman and "Joe the Plumber" as Palin's co-veeps. Or McCain calling for some random person within government to "step down."

Maybe he'll challenge Obama to a duel. Anything to keep the Irate Talk Express rolling and straight jacking for news cycles. Whatever it takes!