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Michelle Obama Makes You Want to Hug Your Kids

... But I don't have any kids, so I hugged my mom. In a tear-inducing speech to raise funds for programs targeting at-risk youth in Chicago, the First Lady talks about the murder of Hadiya Pendleton, a teen who was shot in Chicago shortly after performing for the First Family during their second inauguration. Mrs. Obama said Hadiya was just like her -- a good student from a good family -- only the First Lady got to grow up and Hadiya was killed.

Go get your tissue now. I started crying just typing that sentence alone.

Video after the jump.

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Michelle Obama Covers Vogue Again, Looks Great

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First Lady Michelle Obama made the cover of Vogue Magazine for a second time, as well as for the second term of her husband's presidency. In the article "Leading By Example," Jonathan Van Meter chronicles the First Family and how they're influencing America.

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Clutch Magazine: Vivienne Westwood Thinks Michelle Obama Needs the Fashion Police

In a weekend post for Clutch, I'm all over designer Vivienne Westwood's disdain for how Michelle Obama dresses (say what) and conclude this is more about WHO the First Lady wears than WHAT.

Here's a snippet:

My theory is always the designers who “hate”  Mrs. O’s fashion are the one’s Mrs.O doesn’t wear. Oscar de La Renta famously threw a fit after being the go-to guy for several First Lady’s and Mrs. O had the gall to wear European designers when she visited Europe. But Mrs. Obama has mostly preferred ready-to-wear by lines such as White House Black Market, J. Crew and many designers of color, like Thankoon, Jason Wu and Tracey Reese.

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