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The Snob Is Scared to Watch "Temptation," Y'All

Source: LionsgateI was (and I'm still) going to go see Tyler Perry's new film "Temptation" but it happened to come out the same weekend as a planned vacation. So I though, no big. I'll see it on Thursday, I thought. But then it started on Facebook with enraged friends giving away the ending, screaming to anyone who would listen how infuriating the film was.

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Listen to The Snob Talk About "Where Did Our Love Go" on Atlanta's KISS FM

The Snob is back talking about love, black love in particular on this March 17 interview. It aired on Atlanta's 104.1 KISS FM and featured myself, Edward Garnes, and book editor Gil Robertson about his new book Where Did Our Love Go?, released in February. I contributed to the book, which is about the state of black love and marriage, featuring several essays on singlehood, marriage and divorce. (Mine was in the divorce chapter, called "The Problem with Marriage.") You can check out the full interview on Atlanta's 104.1 KISS FM here.


Roland Martin: Out at CNN 

Ascot-hustling wordsmith and my occasional frienemy Roland Martin is out at CNN. The political and cultural yakker cited changes in CNN's management (*cough* Jeff Zucker *cough*) and how the "new boss wants his own peeps." In his CNN last days manifesto, my dearest Roland invoked God, the Tuskegee Airmen and name-dropped it like it's hot.

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