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Ebony Magazine September Issue to Feature "We Are All Trayvon" Cover

In fact, there will be four covers. One featuring slain teen Trayvon Martin's family -- Sybrina Fulton, Tracy Martin and Jahvaris Fulton, and three others featuring various celebrities and their sons in gray hooded sweatshirts. The celebrity covers include actor Boris Kodjoe and his son; Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade and his two sons; and director Spike Lee and his son.

The September issue is a big deal in the magazine world because of the emphasis put on new fall fashion. Magazines like Vogue or Essence and others will go for big, splashy fashion or celebrity-based covers, and pages upon pages of fall fashion, but Ebony has gone the other route with a special issue on how to save black boys from senseless violence.

Check out the other covers after the jump.

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The Guy Who Founded Amazon Bought The Washington Post And I Have No Idea of What That Means

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

For your reading pleasure, I've amassed some observations on The Washington Post sale courtesy of people who understand it better than me. Because even I go "huh" sometimes. And I was on some major "WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?" yesterday as I called, IMed and texted everyone I knew. Here's what I found out.

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Everyone I Know Is Unemployed

A while back I was sitting with my father in St. Louis, lamenting the end of my head writer gig with BET's "Don't Sleep" and having to retreat back to the homestead when the conversation was interrupted by a phone call from my friend and old NYC roommate. The conversation was short (because my dad and I were going pretty deep and I wanted to get back to it), and afterwards I remarked that my ex-roomie was looking for work and had been out-of-work for a year. Then my father said, "Man, do any of your friends have a job?"

Good question.

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