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Newt Gingrich Channels His Inner Pervez Musharraf

Newt Gingrich, who is just finishing his turn as King of the Hill in the Iowa caucus polling, recently raised eyebrows when he suggested that "activist" judges should be forced to testify in Congress, explaining their controversial rulings. He even went a far to suggest abolishing entire courts.

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VIDEO: Time's Mark Halperin Calls President Obama A "Dick" on MSNBC

Via MSNBCBut he totally apologized afterwards! It just slipped out! Kind of. Except Scarborough triple dog dared him to say how he really felt and then everything came up dicks! (And suspensions from MSNBC.)

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On Current TV, Keith Olbermann's Second Verse Is the Same As the First

Opening with "As I was saying ..." and ending with Markos Moulitsas gleefully tearing into the alleged tears of Keith Olbermann's former MSNBC cohort, Joe Scarborough, the "new" Countdown on Current TV was almost exactly like the old Countdown Olbermann originated on MSNBC. Only with a dash chintzier graphics and a pound more "cat fight."

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