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MSNBC: Biden Suggests Team Romney is Pro-Chains While Going Off The Chain

My favorite fake picture of Vice President Joe Biden. (Via The Onion)In my first ever post for MSNBC's new Lean Forward web site, I tackled America's favorite crazy grandpa, Mad Dawg Joe Biden, as he tossed some red meat to a mostly black crowd in Virginia this week. Papa Joe suggested that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney wants to put folks "back in chains" with his fiscal policies. This means it's time for the over-the-top "playing the race (war) card" accusations (and counter-accusations) to begin!

Yet somehow, it all seems so familiar.

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Mitt Romney Can See Clearly Now That the Rick Santorum Rain Is Gone

Glorious day! Mitt "Mittens" Romney has bounded from his winter dwelling and into springtime's nomination meadow. His old, thick winter hair coat now shed, and now the candidate is sporting a shorter, shiner new thicket of Ken doll like hair. But what has brought the rose back to his robotic cheeks? What has returned the dew to his eyes designed by a genetic lab in the basement of Monsanto?

Is it? Can it? Dare it be true?


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General McChrystal Dines On Foot in Rolling Stone Interview

General Stanley McChrystal, our man in Afghanistan, gave a little interview to Rolling Stone where he got rather critical of the Obama Administration. (He's since told Secy. Gates that he feels all kinds of sorry.) This wouldn't be a big deal if, you know? He'd resigned first, then decided to mock Vice President Joe Biden and the lot, but this is the military and our whole system is based on a military that is beholding to the civilian government  -- even when they don't agree with them. Which is why we didn't bomb Cuba during the missile crisis and why went to war twice in Iraq -- once with a huge army and coalition and again with a much, much smaller one. Because civilian government, for better or worse, made these decisions as our elected representatives. If they didn't, we'd be living under a military junta. I don't like the idea of living under a military junta, so I prefer my generals to keep their quibbles with the brass and White House in house and not on the pages of ye old Rolling Stone.

But, cat's out of bag. And maybe it's not so bad! Let's see what he had to say, shall we?

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