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Why Didn't Y'all Tell Me: Drake Edition

Why did y'all tell Me is a story where I observe something that everyone else already observed and figured out two years ago, but I wasn't paying attention. The first entry is about rapper/singer Drake of whom I was paying no attention to until about July of 2012.

True confession: I listen to Drake.

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The Snob Talks Danny Brown and Consent on NPR

Rapper Danny BrownThis Wednesday on NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin, I was on discussing rapper Danny Brown being fellated by a fan from the audience as he was rapping on stage. Rapper Kitty Pryde, who is touring with Brown, condemned the act, calling it sexual assault. For me, this was about consent (which is the basis of sexual assault). Whether Brown enjoyed it or not is a non-factor as he had no way of consenting to anything if he was on stage performing. Despite popular belief, men (especially black men) are not sex automatons, ready to go at anytime incapable of being molested, assaulted or raped. They do get a say about who they want to have sex with and when.

Check out the convo, featuring myself, Prof. Mark Anthony Neal, Deputy Director Malik Washington of the William Kellibrew Foundation, and Village Voice music critic Jessica Hopper.

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WTF: Brad Paisley and LL Cool J Go LL "Fool" J on "Accidental Racist"

First thought: No.

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