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Herman Cain Has A Brain Fart Over Libya (Video)

Libya! Did Barack Obama have enough "intelligence" on the issue? You know? With all that diplomacy and CIA intelligence gathering and talking to generals and NATO allies and putting together a strategy that lead to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi getting all kinds of dead. But what would a BUSINESS MAN have done? Would he have listened to all the facts and alternatives? Herman Cain would have! Then he would have made the decision as the commander-in-chief. That's so obviously different than what Obama did, since he was a PRESIDENT (not a business man) while doing it! I kind of wish Cain would have skipped the "analysis" and just said, "Whatever President Obama did was wrong, even if it was right because that's what I've been told. Look hard enough at Obama and, folks, you'll find something wrong! That's what I believe." That's so much easier to remember.

Herman Cain crises are like Pokemon these days. You gotta catch them all.


Counting the Cain Crises One Cain-tastrophy At A Time

The Many Crises of Herman Cain: The list is still growing! Today I added more Cain Controversies to The Snob's running tally!

23) Princess Nancy

The Foot: During the CNBC Republican debate Herman Cain refers to former House Speaker and Democratic leader in the House, Nancy Pelosi, as "Princess Nancy." One of Cain's many "jokes," critics complain calling Rep. Pelosi a "princess" smacks of sexist insensitivity, not helping his growing rep as a lady harasser.

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Mike Tyson Channels His Inner Herman Cain: "Crazy Is the Taste Republicans Never Tire Of" (Video)

In this latest Funny or Die political video, Mike Tyson, former heavyweight champ and fan of his brother-in-law of five minutes, Michael "Black" Steele "In the Hour of GOP Chaos," has a little fun at Herman Cain's nonsensical expense. My favorite part? Where apropos of nothing Mike Tyson just shouts "CAIN!" There's also a clip of Tyson lampooning Herman Cain's "Imagine There's No Pizza," but that's not as good since the original version is so mind-numbing insane in its earnestness it can never truly be topped. (Funny Or Die)