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Don't Call It A Comeback: Are the Bushes Prepping to Restart Their Dynasty?

If 2016 is a race between the son and brother of a former president and the wife of a former president we may never be able to mock the British for their royal obsession ever again. (Image via The Daily Show)Jeb Bush, wannabe President 44, is in my newspapers and on my TV. Quotes from Poppy Bush, actual President 41, about Dubya, former President 43, is on my TV. Bushes are on my TV like it's 1999. Are Bushes the new Y2K scare, like the one we had in 1999? Because I think the Bushes are trying to come back ...

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Former President George W. Bush Endorses Mittens

The tradition of "rousing" GOP endorsements for Mittens continues! Taking a break from doing whatever former President George W. Bush does now (besides be grateful he's not president anymore), Bushie took the time to passive-aggressively endorse the GOP's latest weapon-of-choice.

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President Obama Numbers Are Up (And So Is "Obama Derangement Syndrome")

I've always been fascinated in the disconnect between those enraged with President Obama versus his typically much more moderate or typical responses. They see some foaming at the mouth radical, tossing around handouts and sending out assassination squads and I just see this ...

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