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Could DOMA Be Dead?

The Supreme CourtFor the conservatives on the court it's a "State's Rights" issue and for the liberals it's a "Civil Rights" issue, but both those points-of-view could spell the end of the Congress-created Defense of Marriage Act of 1996 (aka DOMA) as federal law. 

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The Snob Talks Sally Ride's Life In the Glass Closet, Shooting In Aurora, Colo.

The Snob returned to NPR's "Tell Me More" with Michel Martin Wednesday to discuss the recent death of Sally Ride, the first American woman in space. A pioneer in promoting women and the sciences, Ride's sexual orientation came up for discussion when in her obituary it was listed she was survived by her partner of many years, who happened to be a woman. Myself, along with Viviana Hurtado, Bridget Johnson and Deepa Iyer of South Asian Americans Leading Together discussed the inner debate of private versus public many well-known gays and lesbians face. We also briefly chatted about the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colo. and what its impact will be.

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Everyone's New Favorite Story: Black People, the President and Gay Marriage

One of my least favorite news stories is back! You remember it from the Proposition 8 saga. It's the one about black people hating gay people. Unless you're that unfortunate black person who also happens to be gay. I suppose you're involved with some "war within." Wait? You're not? You just live as both a gay and a black American? Well, damn. Who knew?

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