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Geraldo Rivera Thinks Trayvon's Death Is About A Hoodie (Video)

Geraldo Rivera recently fell into the victim blaming trap of "well ... what were you wearing" in the Trayvon Martin shooting death case. While saying that he believed George Zimmerman, the 28-year-old man who shot and killed Martin for walking-while-black, should be investigated thoroughly, he fell into the same logic trap many people fall into -- telling victims to modify their behavior rather than staying focused on the self-appointed Batman who stalked and shot a kid.

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Chris Wallace Asks If Herman Cain Will Add Some "Hip Hop" To "Hail To The Chief" (Video)

During the jokey end of an interview, FOX News' Chris Wallace asked presidential hopeful Herman Cain if when he becomes the Big Enchilada will he switch up the ol' Hail To the Chief door-openin' music that Bill Clinton probably still cranks up when he's trying to "get in the mood." Wallace, possibly confusing Cain for a moment with a previously more "hippity-hoppity" Notorious G.O.P. black Republican in the form of Michael "The Man of" Steele, asked Cain if he'd be adding some "hip hop" beats to "Hail to the Chief." But, no. Wrong stereotype. Cain is not a young African American male challenging gravity to reveal to the world his underpants due to the lack of belt on his over-sized jeans. Cain is a DIFFERENT stereotype, which is that of the gospel-lovin', praising Jesus in the name of Jesus, older black Baby Boomer who yells at the young man stereotype to have some dignity and PULL UP HIS DAMN PANTS! 

Don't get it twisted, Wallace. You've been put on notice. (H/T Gawker)


Media Matters Sends Glenn Beck Off With 21-Crazy Salute

Today is the final day for Glenn Beck's show on FOX News. Long-time FOX/Beck nemesis Media Matters decided to thank him for the memories by compiling 11 minutes of Beck's greatest moments of insanity. Relive the horror one last time with their "Requiem For A Rodeo Clown." (h/t Gawker)