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The Snob Quoted This Month In Ms. Magazine

Guess which story I was interviewed for? Durr. Beyonce. It's always Beyonce.

Point #1: I like how Ms. found one of the most conservative photos ever of King Bey. It's like a photo from the time she got bored and decided to enter and win the Miss America beauty pageant.

Point #2: That headline is missing a question mark as in the interview with author Janell Hobson we were debating if Beyonce's actions and lyrics could be considered feminist. VERDICT IS STILL OUT!

Check the magazine out on newsstands this spring and summer.

I'm also quoted this week in an article about black people and mental illness on The Root, written by mi amiga Keli Goff. Check that out as well here.


Lean In. Lean Out. Stand. Sit. Run. Rest. (Guest Post)

By Lynne Adrine

Girlfriends.  All friends. Help a sister out. My rant for today.

I have been reading, with rising levels of discomfort, all the recent entries into the feminist/corporate/capitalist/lean-in/get married/mommy wars. And I think the overall discussion misses the larger point.

Could it be that perhaps we don’t need to be spending energy on how women can better fit and triumph in 2013 corporate America? Maybe our time would be better spent on changing the rigidity of corporate structure so that more people – male and female – could fit in and find a way to their best efforts without leaving their personal lives strewn on the floor like so much debris? 

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RHOA's Porsha Stewart Is Perfect and I Love Her (But Let Me Explain)

Porsha Stewart reacts to gifts at her fairy tale wedding.Normally, I don't have much in ways of interest for Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta. It's a silly, fun show full of cringe-inducing people and a few glamour-pusses flouncing around and twirling. But this season has piqued my interest, but for one reason and one reason alone -- granddaughter of a civil rights activist and wife of former pro-football star Kordell Stewart -- loveable ditz Porsha Stewart.

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