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Clutch Magazine: When Love Is Confused With Violence

Last week for Clutch Magazine (while I was adjusting to living in the Big Bad City of NYC), I penned another story on Evelyn Lozada and her newly estranged, soon to be divorced hubby, Chad Johnson. Recently Johnson decided to deal with his break up by getting a tattoo of his future ex-wife's face on his leg. To put it mildly, this sounds incredibly ill-advised. For this post I touched on the romanticising of violence and pain out of love, when it's the one you love doling out that violence and pain.

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Clutch Magazine: Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada Do What Everyone Expected

Which was self-implode. The two more famous for being reality TV stars than Chad Johnson's football skills and whatever the hell Evelyn Lozada did before Vh1's Basketball Occasional Sex Partners, got into a domestic dispute last weekend that ended with accusations of Johnson head-butting his newly wedded wife in an argument over condoms. But considering he's a craven, sexist fame whore and she's an emotional wreck known for throwing drinks and punches -- none of this is really all that surprising.

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Vh1's "Basketball Wives" Solves Negative Image Problem By Getting Rid of Non-Negative Cast Members

Shaunie O'NealHey, how can Evelyn, Tami and Shaunie be mean to anyone if all the folks they were mean to aren't on the show anymore? Bullying problem solved! Just get rid of all the victims. (Including Jennifer Williams who was slapped and wouldn't drop the charges and Royce Reed, who all the other women decided they hated many moons ago.) Although, this is probably for the best for Kesha Nichols, as girl should have never, ever done that show. Got that, ladies? If you challenge the big three in the world's worst illegally pledging sorority you will get dropped from the line. Also: Don't come to me crying when Kenya Bell finally goes all Michael Myers on you. You guys throw drinks, bottles, yell and slap people. She stabs folks. She's not stuck on Vh1's Basketball Wives with you, you're stuck on Vh1's Basketball Wives with her.