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Don Lemon Sez Bill O'Reilly Is Right, Pull Up Yer Pants Already

Mmmm. Controversy.

Recently FOX News host Bill O'Reilly decided to tell "The Blacks" (a very nice but troubled family that live up in Rutherford ... oh, he meant all black people? Nevermind ...) what was wrong with them and their communities. And since every black person's most favorite thing to hear is a white man telling them what's wrong with them and how to fix it, the response was overwhelmingly "eff this guy." Then, for whatever reason, perhaps he just felt like trolling people in real life, CNN anchor Don Lemon grabbed the mic, channeled his inner Bill Cosby and said Bill O'Reilly was right and didn't go far enough and he too had some tips for how black people could save themselves.

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Well, The Sequester Happened ... So When Is the Apocalypse Scheduled?

President Barack Obama talks with Congressional leaders prior to the Rosa Parks statue unveiling ceremony at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., Feb. 27, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)The DNC has flooded my (and possibly your) inbox with sequestration facts since Friday afternoon. And if you're like most people you're either looking up from your meal of Top Ramen inside your cardboard box going "huh" or you've been dreading this day ever since you learned you would be directly affected by the $85 billion harsh cuts coming from this bullshit poison pill, crafted by Congress years ago, only to finally come to roost last Friday.

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Clutch Magazine: Wanna Get Married? Graduate From College

Today for Clutch Magazine Online we learn that marriage isn't for white people -- it's for rich, educated people. No matter your race, the biggest indicators on whether or not you'll get married and whether or not that marriage will last depends on your ability to finish college and get a (well-paying) job.

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