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Everyone I Know Is Unemployed

A while back I was sitting with my father in St. Louis, lamenting the end of my head writer gig with BET's "Don't Sleep" and having to retreat back to the homestead when the conversation was interrupted by a phone call from my friend and old NYC roommate. The conversation was short (because my dad and I were going pretty deep and I wanted to get back to it), and afterwards I remarked that my ex-roomie was looking for work and had been out-of-work for a year. Then my father said, "Man, do any of your friends have a job?"

Good question.

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Reason #367 Why You Don't Have A Job? You're Black and You Don't Know the Hook Up

Nancy Ditomaso on The New York Times Opinotator blog writes how "Black" Twitter and your Facebook friends who put extra sayings in their names like Natasha Ohsofine Washington, are not helping you get a job. This is because they don't know anyone. This is unlike your friends on "White" Twitter and their Facebook friends who don't have clever handles because they might know someone who has a job connection and everyone knows fancy job places don't hire people with elaborate nicknames as googleable public record.

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Every Walmart Is Now the Dirty Walmart

When I would go to the "Dirty" Walmart in St. Louis (if you're from North St. Louis County you know which one and it rhymes with Best Clorrisant) I would always joke "We don't hire cleaning services and pass the savings on to you!" Which just had to be true. That Walmart was just filthy. Nothing like the giant, mega Super Walmart in the "nice" part of St. Louis County. But then even that Walmart started to get a little "Walmarty," with the empty, unstocked shelves, the clutter, the old merchandise, that general "What a dump" feeling I have about most Walmarts, compared to a "Dirty" Target store, which is just being a filthy hipster Target and is dirty "ironically" as Targets ARE NOT supposed to be dirty.

And yet they are.

But anyway, Wally World, what gives?

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