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The Snob Is Moving to NYC to Work on TJ Holmes' New Show for BET

Well, it's official! I was hired to do some writing n' such for T.J. Holmes' new show for BET, better known as "Don't Sleep!"

For those of you playing at home, I worked on the pilot last winter and many, many moons ago used to pretend to stalk T.J. for poops n' grins on the Internet. Life is incredibly funny in how a guy I started writing about during this blog's beginnings in 2008 is the same guy I wound up working for in my first scripted TV writing gig. Be sure to check out the show, premiering in October on BET! Along with script writing and blogger duties you just might catch me on as the occasional panelist. I'm already (silently) featured in the show's promos, but I hate those promos because I'm wearing the sweater of doom and I'm about 25 lbs heavier than I am now. 

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Hey, It's Me In This Promo For TJ Holmes' New BET Show In An Ugly Sweater!

I am going to burn this sweater. Best believe it. Check out the video after the jump. (

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T. J. Holmes to Host BET Show Advising You Not to Sleep With Him

T. J. Holmes, of guy I used to hilariously fake Google stalk fame, left CNN last year only to re-emerge with BET Networks, signing a multi-platform deal. Part of that deal was a shiny new show. And now, BET and Holmes have announced what that show will be -- a comedy news half-hour, a la The Daily Show or Real Time with Bill Maher. Only this time it's, Don't Sleep with T. J. Holmes.

The responses have ranged from excitement and praise to puzzlement. But I think it's a good thing. But then, I'm also terribly, terribly biased. But for more reasons than you expect!

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