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"White People Are Back!" And Other Moments From Hardcore Paul Ryan Rap (Video)

He's like Ron Paul meets Ryan Seacrest, but with a lot more "m-fers." Yet, even in all this Beastie Boys-esque Ryan P90Sex braggadocio, my favorite part is the cluelessness of fake Mitt Romney who kind of plops around like the floppy android he is. Second best line (after "White people are back") is "Screw the sick and the poor like Jesus said ... if he had lived to read 'The Fountainhead.'"

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Fake Obama Gives RNC Real Problems

Note to GOP: Don't let this man, real or imagined, anywhere near your events. He's the harbinger of your doom.

His jokes about only celebrating half of Black History Month and his mother not being a Kardashian (despite her obvious love of a black man) "killed" at the Republican Leadership Conference on Saturday, but Reggie Brown's fake Obama got the GOP equivalent of the Sandman coming for him once the jokes starting flying at the RNC's expense

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Black People Don't Watch FOX News and Wyatt Cenac Is A Really Nice Guy (Unrelated Things)

The Snob and The Daily Show's Wyatt Cenac

In your latest dose of obviousness, less than 2 percent of FOX News' viewers are African American. In other percentages, 100 percent of all Danielle Beltons hate Jon Stewart's beard, but still enjoy The Daily Show. Also, 100 percent of those same Danielle Beltons would like more Wyatt Cenac on The Daily Show. And those Danielles are not just saying this because Wyatt Cenac gave her and a friend free tickets to see his show last weekend at the Arlington Drafthouse as a thank you for giving him directions to Marvin several months back. But ... you know? That doesn't hurt or anything.