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Jim Cramer Died For CNBC's Journalistic Sins

Jon Stewart went all prosecutorial and Jim Cramer cupped his balls while curled up in a fetal position. Twas not pretty.

This beatdown was not meant for the gregarious, goofy "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer as Jon Stewart tried to repeat when not smacking the man in the face with his own words. He quoted Carly Simon and to paraphrase, said this ass-whoopin' isn't about you.

And yet it was.


I don't know why, but no one ever seems to learn that you don't start fights with the court jesters of society. Especially when they have large, televised forums. And I don't know why people still discount how a fake news show can turn frightfully real in the hands of a well-informed Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert or even David Letterman. They are comedians. They don't have to play by the "rules." You will be eviscerated. Yet I watch people do this over and over again thinking they can beat the comic and walk out all "no whammies" at the end of the interview.

Do these people not watch the show? Do they not know that Jon Stewart once KILLED A PROGRAM?

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