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Photos: The 50th Anniversary of the March On Washington

Wednesday I grabbed my camera, computer bag, laptop and crappy Blackberry and went to the March on Washington 50th Anniversary Commemoration at the Lincoln Memorial. I spent all day out there, taking pictures and listening to speeches and getting covered in bug bites. But I was glad I went. It felt nice to tie back to a historical moment I'd only seen in videos and read about in books. The mood was light. People were peaceful and happy (in spite of it raining off and on all day) and the speeches were poignant and to-the-point, many hitting on the theme of how we've come a long way (I can use whatever bathroom I want, the time my parents' grew up in is alienating and foreign feeling to me as I grew up after the end of segregation, etc.), but we still have a long way to go. Especially in the whole "Jobs" department, as many of the speakers touched on how high black unemployment is (it's still in the double digits), oft repeating the quote (I'm paraphrasing) what's the point of being able to sit at a lunch counter if you can't afford the food?

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The Root: Obama Speech Stands in MLK's Shadow

In my latest post for The Root this Tuesday I write about President Obama's upcoming speech at the anniversary of the March on Washington and how President Obama has had to deal with the pressure of those who compare him to Martin Luther King Jr. when they couldn't be more different. One man was an activist. The other is a sitting U.S. president. Yet, the comparison for some remains.

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The Root: Are We Squandering the Efforts of the Civil Rights Movement?

In my latest piece for The Root I discuss my personal feelings about the post-Civil Rights generation I'm part and wondering if I've done enough to take advantage of the rights others fought for.

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