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Clutch Magazine: When Love Is Confused With Violence

Last week for Clutch Magazine (while I was adjusting to living in the Big Bad City of NYC), I penned another story on Evelyn Lozada and her newly estranged, soon to be divorced hubby, Chad Johnson. Recently Johnson decided to deal with his break up by getting a tattoo of his future ex-wife's face on his leg. To put it mildly, this sounds incredibly ill-advised. For this post I touched on the romanticising of violence and pain out of love, when it's the one you love doling out that violence and pain.

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Clutch Magazine: Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada Do What Everyone Expected

Which was self-implode. The two more famous for being reality TV stars than Chad Johnson's football skills and whatever the hell Evelyn Lozada did before Vh1's Basketball Occasional Sex Partners, got into a domestic dispute last weekend that ended with accusations of Johnson head-butting his newly wedded wife in an argument over condoms. But considering he's a craven, sexist fame whore and she's an emotional wreck known for throwing drinks and punches -- none of this is really all that surprising.

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