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Paula Deen, N-Word Queen

Celebrity chef and butter fetishist Paula Deen accidentally came out of the bigoted closet of sorts this week when pages of her deposition were released in relation to a lawsuit that alleges Deen and her brother were terrible, violent, racist, sexual harassin', slave drivin' bosses to former employee, Lisa Jackson.

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Clutch Magazine: How to Make Nothing Your Fault Like A Celebrity

After Lauryn Hill's life took yet another turn for the tragic (yet she remained unrepentant), I started thinking, "Wow. That takes balls, or really strong self-delusion or perhaps ... both." So I wrote a post about it for Clutch Magazine Online, counting off all the ways you can make anything everyone's fault but your own.

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Clutch Magazine: Embrace Your Irrational Hatred of Celebrities You Don't Know

Tuesday on Clutch I write about how often being a "hater" of celebrity isn't so much about the celebrity but ourselves and our deserve to vent. There's nothing more cathartic that going in on something you can't stand. It's a release. An unfair release to those we don't know, but a release all the same.

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