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News Icon Mike Wallace Dead At 93; Watch His Influential 1959 Doc "The Hate That Hate Produced"

Newsman of note and one of the men who made CBS' News Magazine 60 Minutes what it is today, Mike Wallace, died at age 93 on Sunday. I grew up watching Wallace on 60 Minutes, a program that helped solidify my love of journalism. Watch here (after the jump) the 1959 documentary "The Hate That Hate Produced," a historical (albeit largely one-sided and alarmist) bit of news-making where Wallace chronicled the rise of the Nation of Islam and other pro-separatist black groups. 

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Michelle Obama Is So Over This Angry Black Woman Thing (Video)

Pushing back against what the White House has described as an over-dramatized portrayal in New York Times reporter Judi Kantor's new book "The Obamas," the First Lady told the CBS This Morning many have wrongly tried to paint her as an "Angry Black Woman."

In the book (which I'm patiently waiting to be delivered to my house from the publisher so I can see what all the hubbub is), Kantor highlights "incidents" where Michelle Obama appeared to be at loggerheads with her husband's staff. Mrs. Obama, who's dealt with lots of "she looks angry" and "she hates America" and "she has a fat ass" and "Marie Antoinette/Socialist Salad Eater" talk from right wingers, sat Kantor's book over in the "those things aren't me" corner, and poo-pooed on it to CBS's Gayle King.

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Jamal Simmons and His Glorious Eyebrows Will Analyze Politics for CBS News

Jamal SimmonsYou know who I love? Jamal Simmons. The Man from Morehouse. That one guy your grandma screams about how you didn't land him? What's wrong with you? She bellows. You had a shot, right? I'm never going to have any great-grandbabies!

What a great guy.

Met him once at a conference at Harvard University. Got him to reveal that TJ Holmes was aware of my existence during my hardcore Google Stalking of TJ. (That ended after my beloved Teege got the "marrieds.") I asked Jamal if he would like to be Google Stalked due to the fact that so many Snob readers though he was the bee's knees.

Oh, the nervous laughter!

Now my favorite political analyst with the witty quips, keen political insight and those gorgeously thick eyebrows is coming to CBS News to give his take on the Democrats and he was kind enough to grant The Snob a little Q&A!

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