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Republicans Fold On Payroll Tax Cut Fumble, Kick President's Dog On Way Down

Via White House by Pete SouzaCongress ends its session for the holidays on a whimper, not a bang as Congressional Republicans momentarily remembered that it really does make no sense to fight absolutely every stupid thing, even things they are for, simply because President Barack Obama might also like the thing. Congress unanimously passed the Payroll Tax Cut extension for two months so they can fight about it more in 2012.

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"If You Want A Friend In Washington, Get A Dog"

White House FlickrHarry S. Truman famously quipped how "Man's Best Friend" could quickly become your only friend in the cutthroat world of politics. But what a cuddly friend to have! September's dose of Obama Photo crack is up on the official White House Flickr page.

See another shot of President Obama and Bo the dog after the jump.

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Drown In Fluff: Cute Obama Crack Photos of the Day

Sasha. Malia. Bo. Daddy's home! Be careful looking through the rest of the pictures on this site. You might die from cute overload. (ONTD_political)