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Herman Cain Tries To Win Over Black People By Insulting Their Intelligence

Via FacebookYou know? I'll never get this tactic that is, in my opinion, overused by certain black conservatives to get their fellow Negroes to cross over to the GOP side. I call it the "All black people are stupid but me" tactic. Which is, by far, the worst tactic to use. Herman Cain, presidential wannabe and Godfather pizza man, recently went on CNN and said the Democrats have "brainwashed" black people into not seeing conservatism and the Republican Party as viable political options. Which ... OMG? Really? That old lie that pretends like the 1960s and 70s never happened? But then, maybe Cain wasn't trying to win over any black people to the GOP with that statement. Maybe that was really about making white conservatives feel better since the GOP is routinely accused of harboring, defending and protecting bigots within their own party, rather than running them out of town.

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Maxine Waters Clowns on Allen West Over "Plantation" Comments (Video)

Coming of her "unleash" comments regarding President Obama, Rep. Maxine Waters headed to MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews where after some light chit chat about her remarks she went in on fellow member of Congress, Tea Partier, Rep. Allen West. 

West, a Republican, had made comments earlier accusing Waters and others of being "overseers" on the Democratic Party's "21st century plantation." Waters countered that she found it "odd" that when West's own unemployed brother needed help, West told him to head over to the Congressional Black Caucus' job fair and talk to those he despises.

*Clears throat* *Leans back* *Prepares self*


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Today's Your Chance To Hug Alan Keyes, D.C.!

Talking Points Memo recently covered the Tea Party's diversity-based "Uni-Tea" rally. It was part of the loosely-knitted movement's effort to show that there are Tea Partiers who aren't just your white neighbor's politically incorrect grandpa. According to TPM, it was a boat-load of fail. But in the spirit of this great nation, if at first you don't succeed try, try, try something different. (Yet kind of the same.)

Today is the National Black Conservatives Rally in Washington, D.C.! Alan Keyes will be there! Yes, that ALAN KEYES! Aren't you excited?

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