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No Apologies: On The Killing of Trayvon Martin And Being "Good"

In the tragic murder of Trayvon Martin, there's no safe place. There's no real excuse to cling to. None of the usual dismissals work or fit. It's just bad. Real bad. And sits there and stares at you with it's cruelty and unfairness and ugliness and says, "Take this."

Take this load. And pick it up.

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The Debate Over The 9-11 Ground Zero "Mosque" Annoys Me

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A long time ago I had a guy threaten to stalk me because he was upset over me breaking up with him. It was scary and hurtful and I was very angry. So to deal with it I decided I would not longer let any men ever come within 15 feet of me because all men are crazy stalkers. Wait? That's not what I did. Because every man is different and are not that one douche who threatened to make me miserable. It would be unfair to label all men as stalkers because of the actions of one crazy person.

When it comes to the planned Islamic community center near Ground Zero, it's unfair to label all Muslims as al-Qaeda supporters.

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When Rhetoric Becomes Reality

Thursday Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi started to break down a bit while talking about the rhetoric being bandied about in the latest round of "not my government/president." She said it reminded her of the environment in San Francisco during the 1970s that resulted in the violent death of one Harvey Milk, an openly gay politician. As I've written before on the blog, many of the individuals profiting from riling up the masses don't care if there could be a lone nut somewhere taking them all too seriously about their fearmongering. It's all fun and Tea Parties until someone gets hurt.

Of course, if someone DOES get hurt I'm sure the great Round Robin of "Not My Fault" will drown the airwaves. Heaven forbid a fearmongerer take responsibility for their fearmongering.