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Q&A: Cartoonist Keith Knight Wants To Tell You About His Michael Jackson Experience

Keith Knight, cartoonist

Black geeks. We do exist! (Although, I'm probably more of a nerdy snob.) And cartoonist Keith Knight has doodled his own mark for geekdom with his long-running comic strip, The K Chronicles. Now Knight is back with a new project that's tapping into his life pre-doodles. His life as an MJ impersonator in the 80s.

For real.

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Tim Okamura Documents "Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens" With Abstract Photo-Realism (Guest Post)

Painting by Tim Okamura / Photo by Jada Prather

In this first entry to CultureSnob, artist/photographer and Friend of Snob, Jada Prather checks out the new "Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens" art show featuring the work of Brooklyn-based, biracial Japanese-European artist Tim Okamura. A mash of photo-realism meets graffitti, street-art, his paintings add a goddess-like mythological granduer to everyday black women and other urbanites.

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Racist or Art: Model Lara Stone Painted Black In French Vogue

From The UK Guardian:

"What Klein and Roitfeld should know … is that painting white people black for the entertainment of other white people is offensive in ways that stand entirely apart from cultural context," it said. "France and Australia may not have the United States' particular history of minstrel shows … but something about the act of portraying a white woman as black ought to sound an alarm, somewhere."

This can be viewed several ways in my opinion ...

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