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The Snob Talks NPR's "African American Lives Today" Survey

Tuesday The Snob returned to Tell Me More with Michel Martin to talk about NPR and Harvard University's poll of African American views on racism, finances, relationships, their communities and healthcare. For the discussion I was joined by author Gil Robertson, regular "Tell Me More" parenting contributor Dani Tucker, and Howard University Professor Ivory Toldson. The poll had results both surprising (more black men are looking for a committed relationship than black women), and unsurprising (black people overwhelmingly value education).

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Census Says There Are More Biracial People, But That Depends On Your Definition of Mixed

'True Grit' star Hailee Steinfeld is just your average Filipino, Jewish, something or other, multiracial American.Since 2000, the population of biracial and multiracial people has boomed by 50 percent according to 2010 Census data. The New York Times recently ran a story saying that because of changes in Census reporting, more people reported they are more than one race, but has our multiracial population actually boomed or is it just that both our government and society are more accepting of multiracial people?

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Obamas Overseas, Part III (Ghana)

Words fail me because how do you describe something so unusual and lovely as the First Family visiting Ghana? The First Family being a black family, the president being half-Kenyan and his wife African-American? How do you explain the poetic beauty in such a homecoming of incredible magnitude nearly 500 years in the making? The descendents of slaves who were once shipped from Ghana to America to never see home again, the descendents of slaves who built the White House, now live in it. To see Michelle Obama, her mother and her two daughters experience the warmth of the people of Ghana was immeasurable.

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