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Clutch Magazine: Poor Women Find Diminishing Reproductive Choices

Image by the Guttmacher InstituteIn a recent post for Clutch Magazine Online, I tackled the plight of poor women who deal with tougher choices when it comes to sex, children, family planning and birth control than their better off, insurance having counterparts. The reality -- that no one likes to talk about when they're passing judgment -- is that half of all U.S. women, regardless of race or class status, before turning 45 will have at least one an unplanned pregnancy. The main difference between the sexual habits of the poor and the not-so-poor isif you're better off financially, have insurance or live in an area with better access to health care services your reproductive choices stay between you and a doctor and can be dealt with quickly.

Poor women, don't have the same options, so they're becoming the "face" of abortion due to being underserved by family planning programs. 

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Santorum Sez: Going to College Turns You Into Barack Obama

As if that's a bad thing.

Rick Santorum, college graduate and presidential candidate, recently argued that Barack Obama, college graduate and current president of the United States, was a "snob" because he wanted all Americans to have the opportunity to go to college. Santorum argued that this seemingly benign thing had malevolent intent because college is the place Liberals are made -- or something. Ignoring the fact that pretty much everyone running for president, including himself, went to college, and in the case of the GOP candidates, somehow they all went to college and weren't turned into sodomites and radical black leftists. Nope. They went to college and are still their same obnoxious, narcissistic selves. Because, as you know, college is a place where you get an education, not a "re-education."

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Group Sez No to Obama At Notre Dame After the School Invited Him

Members of the pro-life organization Operation Rescue, protest against abortion across the street from the White House on April 1, 2009 in Washington, DC. An invitation by the University of Notre Dame to US President Barack Obama to speak at the school's commencement ceremonies in May, has met with great debate by pro-life organizations and conservative Catholilc groups who believe that Obama's view on abortion clashes with core church teachings about human life.Sigh. Catholics and I are having a bad week. We'll get through this, but ... right now? This is just uncalled for, ya think?

FOX News as well as The Associated Press are reporting that 10 Holy Cross Priests are opposing an appearance by the president and an honorary degree based on his policies.

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