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Clutch Magazine: Just You and Your Cats, Together Forever

Tuesday for Clutch Magazine I wrote the ultimate guide for staying single so it's just you and your cats until you shuffle off the mortal coil. Mostly it was about not bathing, being a jerk and generally removing yourself from the dating game altogether. Here's a taste: "I find that nothing gets people to ignore the crap out of you like not bathing for several days. It works for the homeless. Look at how people just step over them in the street. It’s that powerful. Also, let yourself go. You don't want to 'accidentally' attract someone by still 'being cute.'" 

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Clutch Magazine: Street Harassment in Our Nation's Capital

For Clutch Magazine this Monday I wrote about how I spent my Sunday dealing with cat calls and other annoying commentary on my body by men who appeared to be doing this for their own, shallow enjoyment.

Check it out after the jump.

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Julie Chen's Eyes and My Love/Hate Relationship With My Nose

There's been a lot of talk about newscaster and host of "The Talk" Julie Chen admitting that she had eyelid surgery to make her eyes larger. On the show, Chen, who is Chinese, showed an old picture of herself with smaller eyes and a larger, broader nose. She said the station she worked for told her she would never make it on the air unless she had surgery, and so she did, and has since wondered if she sold out to the man a little. The answer, of course (no matter what Sheryl Underwood and a cheering audience said) is yes. If you alter how you look to appease a job you did give into "The Man" in this case. "The Man" said the features you were born with weren't pretty enough, so you changed them. And that's that.

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