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Put Your Hair Hat On Vivica A. Fox Style

This ad recently appeared on my site and I was all ... LOL WUT? I still can't get over actress Vivica A. Fox's face. I remember what she used to look like and I remember when she was the major crush of one of my ex-boyfriends. (It was her and Lela Rochon.) Then Viv went under the knife and this was the result and ... well ... you know ... whatever. If it makes her happy. She gets to date her younger man friends. She has more money that me. She gets a fresh line of crusty ass hat hair for you to purchase. She wins at this game called life. But these wigs here ...?

Church will NEVER BE THE SAME!


Rahm Emanuel Run For Chicago Mayor Near Certainty

Ahhhhh. It's all going according to plan! With that pesky Jesse Jackson Jr. neutered due to some old, crusty scandals that got sprayed with Febreze and aired out JUST IN TIME for Rahm Emanuel's big "I wanna be the New Daley" reveal, the soon-to-be former White House Chief o' Staff can get ready to break big in America's Second City.

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This Love Affair Is Doomed! (Doomed Romance Part II)

Back in 2008 and 2009, when I was obsessively updating this site six times a day or more and doing a ton of story series -- from black conservatives on Obama to random polemics about controversial issues, one of the more popular ones was a series called "Doomed Romance." (To read in its original version on the old Snob site, click here.) Well, Doomed Romance, the reader-and-Snob-generated series is making a comeback with Even More Doomed Romance: Cheaters Edition!

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